Benefits of Wind Power

Harnessing the UK's natural wind resources

There are many benefits of using wind energy to meet our energy needs:

Wind power is plentiful

We live in the windiest country in Europe. The UK has 40% of Europe's wind resource, and Scotland has 25% of the UK's wind resource.

Wind Power is clean

Generating electricity from wind doesn't rely on harmful or finite substances, like coal or natural gas. It doesn't pollute the air either because no emissions are produced that cause acid rain or greenhouse gases.

Wind is cost-effective

Onshore wind energy is one of the lowest priced renewable technologies available today. And the cost of generating electricity isn't affected by rising fossil fuel prices.

Wind won't run out

Unlike coal, oil and gas, wind is an inexhaustable resource, so it will always be available.

Wind does the same job

It doesn't make sense to rely on fossil fuels when the electricity produced on wind farms does exactly the same thing.

Wind leaves less behind

Wind farms are easy to take down at the end of their operational life, in contrast with the problems associated with decommissioning a nuclear power station, or a coal or gas powered plant.


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