A global company with a local approach

Key to our continued growth is thorough consultation and engagement with the people who live and work closest to our projects. We never forget that every wind farm is a local enterprise and we work to ensure that the local communities have input into the design of the project and are involved throughout the projects life span.

Listening to the community

We want to build a sensitively designed wind farm, which will benefit the surrounding communities for many years to come.

We will create a Community Liaison Group (CLG) for each of our projects to ensure that the proposed development involves local people and takes account of their concerns. The CLG will input into all aspects of the project, providing valuable feedback and information on areas such as:

  • Protecting important ecological sites, for example areas where birds breed
  • Protecting cultural heritage, for example sites of ancient battles
  • The visual impact of the wind farm

Helping fund sustainable communities

We want every project to deliver environmental and economic community benefits to communities local to our projects.

The community benefit options for the projects on the National Forest Estate are significantly different from our previous projects. The renewable energy programme planned on the National Forest Estate is a new opportunity designed to ensure that communities have flexibility in how they benefit from various developments.

Further information on community benefit options can be found in our Q&A and the Guide to Community Options.

Visit our useful links to find out more about Community Advice Organisations.